United Republicans of Harris County is not associated in any way with United Republicans of Texas. United Republicans of Harris County has been a driving force in political and community endeavors for nearly 26 years, while the other group is newly formed.

Welcome to United Republicans!

United Republicans of Harris County is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed in 1992 to aid the local party in its organizing efforts.  We are proud to have remained active participants for 32 YEARS in the political landscape of Harris County, the third largest county in the United States.

United Republicans has been a much recognized part of the Republican Primary with our extensive endorsement process.  In the hope of providing ethical and well qualified nominees for our Party, our endorsements are much sought after by candidates running for office.  Our hands on process of interviewing candidates in person and providing them with questionnaires regarding their qualifications makes us unique to the political process.  We are the ONLY such organization in Harris County that has continually and consistently provided a venue for candidates to be considered fairly based on merit, qualifications, and participation in the Republican Party.  We are the ONLY organization in Harris County to interview candidates in person as part of our selection process.  Our Board Members literally spend hours researching candidates before endorsements are issued in order to provide you the voter with the best possible recommendations.  We are proud of our accomplishment of being the only endorsing entity in Harris County to have chosen the Winning Congressional Candidate in all of the open Congressional seats in our greater Houston region.

United Republicans of Harris County represents the economic conservative Republicans of this community and advocates the traditional Republican philosophies of:
  • Fiscal Conservatism
  • Strong National Defense
  • Lower Taxes
  • Safer Communities
  • Better Education
  • Less Government Intervention
  • Individual Freedoms With Responsibility
  • Accountability by Our Elected Officials
Our organization is unique among the endorsing vehicles in Harris County because we are the ONLY group to have board members and a general membership.  We are comprised of grassroots activists and business and community leaders with extensive campaign involvement.

We encourage your membership in our dynamic organization.  Become part of this exciting effort as we move towards the future together...building coalitions to make our party stronger and ensure a conservative agenda in our great country. Whether it be our informative meetings, outreach, or work in various campaigns, join us on our journey to make a real difference in the political process.



 Chairman: Mary Sergesketter  
          Vice Chairman: Doug Markham 
  Treasurer:  Jo Konen 

 Joan Buschor Penny Butler Dr. Ed Chen
 Bill Henderson Betsy Lake Don McFall
 Roy Morales Alice O'Neill Dr. William Thorsell
      Joan Wade 


NEXT EVENT TBD. Check back often for announcement. Thank You.

    United Republicans of Harris County PAC has operated within Harris County for 32 years, representing the voice of economic conservatives within the party. During that period, we have steadfastly refused to accept any donations from candidates in contested races.

    We accept donations from candidates and their supporters   after our selection process has completed.   We believe that donations from candidates and their supporters will allow us to mail more broadly, to advertise more broadly and to reach a greater cross-section of the Republican primary electorate. No specific amount will be expected of any candidate, and all candidates will be equally advertised and promoted, regardless of whether they contribute to the advertising fund.



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