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14 Apr 2013 10:52 PM | United Republicans Harris County (Administrator)
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Original Article: April 12, 2013,

I've signed up for the emails from Battleground Texas so that I receive updates of their operations in the state.  Friday I received two such updates in my inbox.

From Jenn Brown, Executive Director of Battleground Texas, a little of her update:

We did it -- after three weeks on the road we have finished our first statewide tour and we are inspired by the response. Over 3,000 volunteers and activists attended meetings in 14 cities to learn how neighbor to neighbor organizing can change Democratic politics in Texas for the better. Now it's time to get to work. Whether you were a part of the standing-room-only crowd in Lubbock (Yes, Lubbock!) or part of the packed house in Houston -- we are grateful for your support and look forward to building this movement with you.  P.S. Thanks so much to all the grassroots supporters who generously provided housing for our organizers as we toured the state to connect with Texans. By opening your homes to the BGTX team, you allowed us to ensure the dollars we raise go toward making the state a battleground undefined instead of paying for hotels. Supporters who are willing to host an organizer when we visit your town in the future please let us know.

So, from that we know that their meetings are well attended and that they are accumulating volunteers across the state.  They are training "neighbor organizing" in 14 cities so far.  Not bad for three weeks of work. Also you notice that they are on a shoe string budget, apparently, as they tout that their organizers are staying in people's homes instead of using funds for hotel bills.  Hey, liberals can be fiscally conservative when necessary!

The other email was from Christina Gomez, Digital Director. She was all giddy over a "four page plea" sent out by Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri to supporters to stop the group.  In other words, it was a fundraising letter.  I didn't get this - if you sign on to be a monthly contributor to the party then you won't be subjected such mailings - so I have not seen the "plea" to check it out. 

Gomez said:

You have to see this -- the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, sent a four-page plea to his supporters. His agenda -- to stop Battleground Texas.

Then there was a large photo of a part of the first page of the letter. Then she goes into her own desperate plea:

I've been around Texas politics for a long time, but I have never seen desperation like this.

So let's keep up the fight. In the next few months, we are going to roll out our team of organizers and trained volunteers. Coupled with a data-driven digital program, our team of organizers, activists and trainers will be in every corner of the state.

Help us cover the state of Texas with organizers by donating $10, $25 or what you can today.

You better believe the Republicans are rallying their troops right now -- we have the tools and team to turn Texas into a battleground state. Join us today.

Let's get to work,

A bit of irony, no?  Mocking a plea for money with a plea for money.  I love politics.

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