"U R in the Know" - August Edition

09 Aug 2011 8:22 PM | United Republicans Harris County (Administrator)

Well, it's summertime and the temperatures R HOT across the United States. And speaking of hot, we saw the equivalent in Washington during the debt ceiling crisis. Lots of media and talking heads weighing in and politicians pointing fingers as fast as they could.  It was a long couple of weeks and one thing is for sure, the American people R concerned.  How long will America's financial future be uncertain and will our Presidential Nominee have what it takes to beat President Obama.  No one seems to be coalescing around one candidate yet and that is a great concern to many activists.  Will our Governor, Rick Perry be in the hunt?  The clock is ticking...................

On the local scene, the upcoming city elections R fast approaching with At-Large 2 reflecting a loaded race.  Elizabeth Perez and Eric Dick R carrying the Republican torch and what about District A incumbent Brenda Stardig drawing an opponent, Republican activist and precinct chairman Helena Brown.  Could a major issue between the two be "red light cameras?"  Stay tuned.  Helena Brown has already received the endorsements of Paul Bettencourt and former District A Councilwoman Toni Lawrence.  What do U think of this development?

As well, the only Republican, Brian Cweren running in District C against three known Democrats received the Harris County Republican Party endorsement in June, one of the earliest endorsements ever on record for the county party.  Way to go Brian!  The Cweren Campaign is also pleased to be endorsed by the Houston Apartment Association...check out his website...www.brian2011.com

In At-Large District 5, running against incumbent Jolanda Jones R two Republicans, Jack Christie and Jack O'Connor.  Say it ain't so Jack!  Two great individuals whose base of support is grounded in west Houston running against an incumbent Democrat?  We all know in the political world of Houston , that's an equation for failure.  We must run only one Republican candidate when we go up against a Democrat in the City of Houston if we R to have a chance.  We'll keep you posted on what happens.

R U gearing up for 2012?  The buzz is getting louder.  Longtime Republican State Representative, District 136, Beverly Woolley is retiring after an extraordinary record of public service.  A possible replacement is Pam Holm, former Councilwoman for District G.  We think Pam's a great fit for this important Republican stronghold.  Pam, R U listening ?

Last, but not least, we'd like to tip our hat to longtime Republican Party Executive Director Jeff Yates for his years of loyal service to the Party.  Jeff will still be aiding the party with special projects but will not be a full-time presence at the office as he pursues other ventures.  Thank U Jeff for your hard work!

Until next time...Cheers!

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