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  • 02 Mar 2011 4:20 PM | United Republicans Harris County (Administrator)
    It's not too early to start thinking about defeating President Obama.  Candidates that are emerging are providing lots of interesting discussion. Newt Gingrich spends a good bit of time in Texas meeting with politicos and leaders in business while Mitt Romney has a good base in Dallas and some committed supporters ready to gear up for his campaign. Mike Huckabee will once again be the headliner at the Harris County Republican Party Reagan Day Dinner and has a great personality and a show on FOX while Sarah Palin, a friend to Dan Patrick and the Governor has become a media star, but is it enough to propel her to nominee status? Then there's Ron Paul who always carves out his own constituency. But there are several dark horses in the race including our own Governor who says it ain't so but has written a book and continues to have his name in the mix.  And, what about "The Donald?" As in Trump of course.  Did U know he's meeting with LOTS of people in Texas and appears to be getting more serious about a run for President?Don't forget that Texas is an extremely key state. Many conservatives like his business approach and charisma.  WOW!  There are many other names being floated and one thing is for sure, it will be one heated and spirited race.  So, who do U like for President in 2012?

    A New United States Senator For Texas

    Talk about a BIG Primary in Texas!  That's what 2012 is shaping up to be.  President and U.S. Senator will be on the ballot.  With the announcement of sitting Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison opting not to run in 2012, the field opens up for this important seat.  Names being discussed with a couple of formal announcements are Michael Williams, Roger Williams, Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Ames Jones and of course the front runner, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who has lots of statewide name ID.  A big Houston name Drayton McClane will be Finance Chairman for Roger Williams' Campaign. This race means lots of money and key endorsements will make the difference between winning and losing. Will we see musical chairs at the top of the ticket? It's been done before...remember 1998? 

    Do U like TEA? 

    As in the Tea Party movement.  We sure do and would enjoy the opportunity for members of this movement to become involved in United Republicans.  We're all about coalitions and welcoming new ideas so get involved with our organization and watch the Party grow!  

    City Elections R Fast Approaching

    We are being told that the new districts won't be carved until May or June, but lots of candidates are already preparing for a run. District C looks like it will be loaded with at least four candidates thus far organizing for the seat held by Anne Clutterbuck who is term limited. Races for at large seats are already starting to fill and talk about a potential Mayor's Race with a conservative is getting more play every day.  The strategy...get three candidates in the race a la Lanier, Whitmire and Turner and win in a runoff.  Tough proposition? Probably so, even though the city is strapped financially. The giant potholes all over town aren't any indication are they? 

    Candidate Training...We're gearing up for 2012

    If U R interested in running, we will be holding training sessions for potential candidates beginning in August of 2011. Learn the ropes, what it takes to be a candidate and a winning strategy in our comprehensive program. From Precinct Chairman to President (well okay, maybe not President but certainly United States Senator!) U will learn key points that will make a difference in your race.  
    Visit us on Facebook...stop in and let us know what U think.  How can we as Republicans do a better job, find common ground and ensure this is a party of many voices.

    Until next time... Cheers!
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